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Wall tiles that make an appealing look to your home wall

Mahin brings you a collection of wall tiles that will give your home a look and feel to cherish forever. Home is called sweet for a reason, decorate your home with wall tiles that add to its sweetness. Pick your ideal wall tiles from our vast collection. Find tiles of all sizes, various textures, finishes, a ton of colors, and all price ranges in our collection. You will surely find your ideal pick to personalize your home with your style.

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Tiles were traditionally preferred for the floor, but in modern times that has changed. Tiles have now become one of the big parts of home interiors, and rightly so. They not only give your walls enticing looks but also are easier to maintain and more durable.

How To Choose The Ideal Wall Tiles?

Having to choose from a lot of options can be a hard task. You can keep going on and on and the options won’t stop showing. No need to worry though, we have some very insightful tips for you that will help you choose the right wall tiles.

Wall tiles are available in various types. Here are some of the leading wall tile types:

Ceramic: Ceramic wall tiles are resilient in nature and affordable in price. They’re ideally preferred for areas that have warmer weather.

Porcelain: Porcelain tiles are sturdier and denser than ceramic tiles. Some other benefits they have over ceramic tiles are that they’re scratch and stain-resistant.

Vitrified: Vitrified tiles are tough, durable, and moisture-resistant. Being able to resist moisture also makes them resilient to smudges.

Natural: There are natural tiles such as sandstone, marble, travertine, limestone, etc. that you can choose from. Keep in mind that not all of them are advisable in all applications. For example, sandstone absorbs moisture, so if you live in a place where thawing is common, the sandstone might crack due to frozen moisture inside it.

Pick The Right Sizes

The more you explore the more you will find how wide Mahin’s wall tile range is. You’ll find that there are enough wall tile sizes to make you scratch your head in confusion as to which to choose. A quick tip for you while choosing the tile size is to see that there’s a minimum wastage of tiles.

From that perspective, larger tiles are best suited for larger rooms such as the living room and bedroom. You can choose smaller sizes for smaller rooms like bathrooms and kitchens for minimum wastage.

Keep in mind that larger tiles in smaller rooms give a more seamless visual which can make the space seem larger.

Pick Your Favorite Finish

Gloss: Gloss finish will give your walls a shiny and mirror-like finish. It also reflects light which means you won’t need a mirror to fix your hair.

Matte: Matte finish is the exact opposite of gloss. It has a slip-resistant feel and doesn’t reflect much light.

Lapatto: Also called semi-matte, Lapatto has a higher shine than matte but is also slip resistant at the same time.

Wall Tiles That Are Particularly
Adaptable to Any Application

Our tiles are extremely flexible and fit any application without causing any harm. Our tiles are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, workplace, and outdoor areas, among others. Briefly, we have a variety of tile selections that are perfect for every use.

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