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Parking Floor Tiles
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Our Parking Tiles Seems Brand-new After Many Years Of Use

Check out our collection of the sturdiest parking floor tiles and pick the best parking floor tiles for your parking spot. Explore tiles of different sizes, thicknesses, designs, and textures to choose the tiles that suit your needs the best.

Outdoor Parking Floor Tiles


Every house has its own appearance and feel. We have parking floor tiles for every location you can think of, whether you’re looking for something for a small parking spot for your sweet home or something for a multistorey building having a large parking area.

With the increasing demand for vehicles, it’s only natural that parking spaces gather some attention. Apart from houses, commercial complexes, hospitals, and other busy buildings are also working toward making a good parking space. Parking floor tiles will definitely be a good addition to that.

The parking area is a very active space. You need heavy-duty parking floor tiles for that area that can handle heavy loads. Another thing to keep in mind is its skid resistance. Incorrect tiles in the parking area can lead to serious accidents.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Parking floor tiles

When you look at our parking tile collection, you will find that there are hundreds of tiles available in different sizes, textures, colors, and finishes. Picking your ideal parking floor tiles from this big collection can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry though, it won’t look as daunting once you go through our insights on how to choose your ideal parking floor tiles.


The parking space may seem like an area that you probably wouldn’t be seeing much of, hence putting much thought into it may sound like a waste of time. However, your parking is the area that needs as much of your attention as the other parts of your home, if not more. One thing that you don’t want to compromise on while choosing parking floor tiles is their quality.

Mahin global exim performs thorough quality inspections on all their products including parking floor tiles. Opt for Mahin’s quality-check passed parking floor tiles to be sure that you’re choosing the best.


The design is one of the most important things to consider when selecting parking floor tiles. You may be thinking that ‘no one is going to care how the parking floor looks.’ Look at it this way; your visitors are going to go to the parking spot even before they enter your house. So, why miss out on an opportunity to make an impression from the parking lot itself? Greet your guests with a stunning-looking parking spot.

Also, having a parking area that matches the vibe of the rest of your house is an added advantage. That will give your home a more complete look.


Last, but not least. How would you like cracks and damage on your parking floor? Not much, right? That is why the most crucial thing that you should keep in your mind is for your parking floor tiles to be solid and strong enough to handle the high traffic and extreme pressure. Your parking floor is going to be met with a lot heavier treatment than other areas inside your house.

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